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Submitted By: Jim NewtSubmitted: 10/6/2008
A nice improvement, easy to use. I like it.

Submitted By: Tom BlackSubmitted: 10/6/2008
This past weekend I witnessed a lot of young people at their best at the Ga. National Fair. We had several young people from Dade County there showing their livestock and they represented our 4-H programs well. However the standout was a young man in the Jr Market Goat Showman Competition. This young man showed his project goat in a walker that allowed him to walk around the ring to show. I was amazed at the way this young man preformed and the amount of time he had put into getting his goat to work with him. To make a long story short this young man won the belt buckle for being the best showman in the 10th grade in the State of Georgia. and he deserved it. I was there by accident to watch the show but when this young man won the whole arena of 1500 to 2000 people came to their feet to applaud this young man on his accomplishment and to see the other young people who he was competing with crowd around him to congratulate him was something to see. It make you think that those same young people will be the leaders of tomorrow gives you a good feeling about turning over our world to them.

Submitted By: Bruce Neeley JrSubmitted: 10/6/2008
A much need change Great Job

Submitted By: Beau GesteSubmitted: 10/10/2008
It's not slanderous, libelous or malicious to state that Warren Buffett owns Shaw. Forbes says he is the richest American and Wikipedia says that he is a philanthropist. Something to think about...

Submitted By: BeauSubmitted: 10/11/2008
What do y'all think about the layoffs at Bull Moose and of course, Shaw? Does anyone care that philanthropist Warren Buffett is the owner of Shaw? The richest American? Is anyone upset about the Thanksgiving gift the Shaw employees will get?

Submitted By: James WestmorelandSubmitted: 10/15/2008
This year on November 4th, the citizens of Walker, Catoosa, Dade, and Chattooga will vote in one of the most important elections of their lives. It is not the election of President, nor Sheriff, or even State Senate. For the first time in over 40 years, the citizens have an opportunity to elect a Superior Court Judge. For the voters 18-40, statistically speaking, this attorney that is elected will impact their lives. 70% of voters in this age group will potentially stand before this judge and have their lives impacted either through divorce proceedings, child support issues, criminal or other civil issues, land and property disputes, and many other jurisdictional issues that come before the Superior Court of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit. The person elected must have the integrity to serve the citizens fairly in this capacity, as well as honestly rule on matters within the laws of the Constitution of the US and the State of Georgia. With that being said, I think the citizens of our four counties are lucky to have five highly qualified men running for this position. However, One stands out above the other 4. I am proud to have known Bill Rhyne Jr. for well over fifteen years. He has served me well as my attorney, but also as a confidant, wise counselor, and friend. Bill does not seek this position for self-serving purposes. He was asked, and at times begged by his clients, former clients, other attorneys, law enforcement officers, and court clerks to run for this position. It is rare in today's world when the words "honest" and "attorney" are used in the same sentence. Having known Bill Rhyne Jr. for as long as I have, I can truly say that he is the most honest man I have ever known. He does not live in a mansion; his home is an old farmhouse. He doesn't drive a fancy car, or even a new car. He is not pretentious, nor arrogant, and he serves his clients, the citizens of these four counties, in a manner that should be commended; yet he seeks no glory for himself. He has both a love of this geographical region and the people that live here, a lesson that he was taught at an early age by his father, who served this area as a pharmacist. He is a native of this circuit. He was born and raised as a citizen of Walker County, a home to which he returned after completing his Law Degree to serve the citizens of this circuit. He is both ethical, and compassionate. He is a person that will rule from the bench in the most honest and fair way possible. This election is both a win-lose situation for me. When Bill Rhyne Jr. is elected as the Superior Court Judge, I will lose him as my attorney. However, never has a man so deserved an elected position than Bill does. The citizens of The Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit deserve Bill as a Superior Court Judge, and with your vote, we can and will elect Bill Rhyne Jr. your next Superior Court Judge. James Westmoreland LaFayette, GA

Submitted By: Neal!Submitted: 10/20/2008
Hey Ya'll!!!!

Submitted By: Don PittmanSubmitted: 10/20/2008
To the voters of Dade, Walker, Catoosa and Chattooga Counties House Is The Best Choice For Superior Court Judge I have been following the race for Superior Court Judge in our district with interest and I believe Brian House is the best candidate. I have known Brian for a few years, and I know him to be an honorable man who possesses an incredible work ethic. He works tirelessly for the clients he represents and I am sure that once he is elected Judge he will continue to work hard for the people of the four counties. Brian is also very accessible; he readily gives out his contact information, including cell phone number. I’m sure he will remain open and accessible as a Judge, too. If you are interested in talking to him call his cell phone (423-421-2147) with any questions you might have. I’m sure he would love to hear from you. Brian is his own, self-made man, and he is not controlled by special interest groups, or select people. I have never seen or heard of him looking down at anyone, and I am sure he will rule his court with fairness and equity. Brian also has more experience than any of the other candidates, and he has tried every type of case that he might see from the bench. He looks like he is a young whipper snapper, but don’t let that fool you! He has been practicing law for over twenty years - longer than any of his rivals. A superior court judge has a lot of power, and we want to select one who can be fair across the board. We want one that has a vested interest in our community, and one we can trust to interpret the law correctly and apply it fairly to all the people in the counties. Brian House is deserving of this position, and he is ready for the task. He will work hard and do right by the people of the Lookout Mountain Judicial District. Brian House is the right man for the job!

Submitted By: John WarrenSubmitted: 11/2/2008
Our beautiful soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is the best future leader for this nation, not Senator Barak Obama. Our beautiful soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is also would be better at leading our nation in the future after a McCain Presidency than Senator Barak Obama would be in leading our nation in the future starting in January 2009. There are great reasons our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin would be a better future leader than Senator Barak Obama. The greatest reason for our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin's is ideology. Our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is conservative in that she is pro life, marriage, guns, low taxes, low government spending, small government, unintrosive government, traditional and judeo Christian values, Bible reading and prayer in our public schools, and military spending.She is also pro free and private enterprize. Senator Barak Obama is a liberal who is anti every thing that I have described that our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is pro about or for. A second reason that our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is superior is because of experience. As a governor she has two years of executive administrative governing experience that Senator Barak Obama does not have. A final reason that our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is superior is because of political accomplishments. When our soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin came to office she accomplished 3 major things which are as follows: she showed great leadership in the 3 following areas: government reform, the state budget and the economy, and wise use of natural resources. She reformed government by standing up to the big oil companies by breaking up the monopoly on power and resources. She insisted on competition and basic fairness which ended the control that the oil companies had on the state, and thereby returning control of the state back to the people. She also stood up to the special interest and lobbyist, and produced major ethics reform. She lead well in the state budget by generating a surplus which came about by vetoing a half billion dollars of wasteful spending, ending the abuses of earmark spending by congress, and by getting rid of the private jet, the chef, and the chuffer. Economically under her leadership she brought about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history. She also suspended the state fuel tax, and when oil and gas prices went up dramatically, and filled up the state treasury, she sent a large share of that revenue back where it belonged - directly to the people of Alaska . On natural resources she has shown great leadership by beginning a nearly forty billion dollar natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence. When the last section of the pipeline is laid and its valves are opened, will lead America one step farther away from dependence on dangerous foreign powers that do not have our interests at heart. Senator Barak Obama has done nothing, so please vote John McCain for President and give to our beautiful soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin the opportunity that she deserves leading the nation into the future after a John McCain presidency. When our soon to be Vice President does lead the nation as President after a John McCain presidency,she will be the greatest President that we have ever had. Finally she is smarter than Senator Barak Obama Thank You John Warren

Submitted By: Jennifer DoblerSubmitted: 11/10/2008
Tire Rack Street Survival Teen Driving School Dade County High School Saturday November 15th—8AM-6PM Licensed and Permitted Drivers Ages 16-21 $60 (includes lunch, snacks, drinks and goodie bags) In-Car and Classroom Instruction One-on-One w/ a Licensed Coach Maximum capacity 30 students Rain or Shine!!! Contact: Scott or Jennifer Dobler 423.316.9092 or

Submitted By: J.C.Submitted: 11/18/2008
Election time is finally over! Not that all the outcomes were to my liking or many of my colleagues, however, one outcome has clearly pleased me. The, near runaway, performance by Brian House in this year’s Superior Court Judge Election was remarkable. I am pleased on many different fronts. Initially, it was pleasing to recognize the populaces of all four surrounding counties come together to unanimously support who is, in no doubt, the superior choice for this judicial position. Brian’s 21 years arguing cases, on so many various legal fronts, now clearly, makes him the sole candidate for the job. This area needs that sort of discernment, experience, integrity and honor. If Brian’s judicial ethic is in anyway mirrored in his work effort illustrated during this campaign season, he will be adding to a needed trait to our districts bench. This election season, only one political candidate visited my home; Brian House. I am not sure how many readers had visits from Mr. House, but his seriousness and motivation in his endeavor impressed and inspired me this dire political season. I encourage all who have voted for judicial candidates, other than Brian House, to remember to vote in this upcoming runoff Dec.2 (early voting already in order), and more importantly, vote for him. Brian’s open “House” mentality is one that I am not very familiar with amongst campaigning public officials. On numerous occasions, I have found Brian listing his number in publications, such as this one, for him to answer questions or comments or about his campaign or issues. This illustrates Brian’s commitment to serve and the commitment to work hard for us. Of all the candidates that ran for office this year, House seems to have the “fire in the belly” to serve as our judge. That means a lot to me. Thank you Brian for treating me more than just a number and asking for my vote with something other than a mailout! I contend to the public, let’s do all of ourselves a favor and elect Brian House as our next Superior Court Justice.

Submitted By: preacherSubmitted: 12/3/2008
a nice place to be.

Submitted By: Hector VazquezSubmitted: 12/29/2008
Hello Trenton my Name is Hector Vazquez i,m with the American Red Cross. We are looking for some office space in Trenton so we can open a branch office there to take care of dade county in case of a disaster or in case of fires. Anyone that can donate some office space please contact me at 423-421-7610 thank you so much. Hector Vazquez Volunteer Training Coordinator Greater Chattanooga Chapter of the American Red Cross

Submitted By: Kristen SmithSubmitted: 1/6/2009
January is National Radon Action Month. The University of Georgia Radon Education Program urges Georgians to take action and test their homes for radon. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 21,000 people die each year from radon induced lung cancer. It is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Georgia has the highest rate in the Southeast with 822 deaths annually. Governor Sonny Perdue declared January as National Radon Action Month in Georgia and urges all Georgians to test for radon. Radon is a naturally occurring invisible, odorless, tasteless gas that is dispersed in outdoor air, but which can reach harmful levels when trapped in buildings. Scientist have long been concerned about the health risk of radon, but never before has there been such over whelming proof that exposure to elevated levels of radon causes lung cancer in humans. Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil rock and water. It is invisible, odorless and tasteless. “Radon is truly a silent killer,” said Becky Chenhall, radon educator with UGA Cooperative Extension. “It is so easy to ignore because you can’t see, smell or taste it. The only way to know the radon level in your home is to test for it.” Homes with elevated radon can be fixed and new homes can be built with radon resistant features. Testing homes for elevated levels of radon is simple and inexpensive. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offices distribute complimentary radon test kits. For more information on radon, contact your local county extension office by calling 1-800-ASK-UGA1 or visit the Website at

Submitted By: jimmy cashSubmitted: 1/8/2009
the website is very useful b/c i am in kentucky studying to be a computer technican and being from dade county this website keeps me inform of every thing that i am missing back at home thanks to the people that keeps this website up to date thanks

Submitted By: Leigh Ann BradfordSubmitted: 1/23/2009
I would like to say thank you to the sentinel for the article "Bob's Little Acre" by Robin Ford Wallace. It was a refreshing change for your paper. I understand we need the information regarding our county politics and our school board politics but in today's world it was a wonderful break from my very long week to read something so funny! I appreciate the articles Ms. Wallace has done with our veterans and I hope they continue as well. I enjoy reading the sentinel but I'm so tired of reading how much this group hates that and so on. I would like Ms. Wallace to know that after a very stressful work week with kids, school, job, bills, lay-offs, church, and so on I was completely surprised to read something so creative, funny, and different. I can't wait to read the next article!

Submitted By: Angie Cole BurnsSubmitted: 3/25/2009
I have throughly enjoyed the "World War II Veteran" series by Robin Ford Wallace. The articles were well written and have given a wonderful profile of those from Dade County who served our country. Thank you, Robin.

Submitted By: Kim LawsonSubmitted: 3/31/2009
I would like everyone to know that the month of April is Autism Awareness Month. If you know someone with autism please let the parents know how proud you are of them for being able to handle the situation they are in. We ought to have some sort of support group in Trenton for us parent to be able to meet and talk to one another. Go Wolverines!!!!

Submitted By: James FranklinSubmitted: 4/7/2009
Could someone please shed some light on how our county's SPLOST money is being spent? It would be nice for this site to keep a running tally. Many of us are out of work, and every cent should be accounted for to us the tax payers.

Submitted By: Jennifer Dobler - Chattanooga Region SCCASubmitted: 4/17/2009
Tire Rack Street Survival Teen Driving School Saturday, Apr 25 8:30a to 5:30p @ Dade County High School, Trenton, GA Price: $60 Register Online: Contact: Jennifer or Scott Dobler Phone: (423) 316-9092 FOR Licensed & Permitted TEENS AGES 16-21!!! (MUST be at least 16 years of age) The primary emphasis of the Tire Rack Street Survival® is a "hands-on" driving experience in real-world situations! We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them. Your son or daughter will be gaining some valuable skills to better his or her driving techniques on the road at the Tire Rack Street Survival® School. You are also welcome to stay for the school all day if you wish. You will be able to listen to the instructors in the classroom while they are teaching the students. The instructors will be available throughout the day to answer questions you might have about the course events your son or daughter are going through. $60 Fee Includes: Classroom/In-Car 'Real World' Driving Instruction by Trained Driving Instructors, Lunch, 1Yr First Gear SCCA Membership ($45 value) & SportsCar Magazine Subscription, Goodie Bags, Door Prizes, possible discount on Car Insurance and More........

Submitted By: Donna EmmettSubmitted: 5/4/2009
Is there anyone, besides myself, that is disappointed with the WRCB Cool Schools broadcast from Dade County High School this morning? The broadcast I received on my Charter digital cable was badly scrambled and I saw nothing of the coverage. An email to the president & general manager, Tom Tolar, assured me that it is not a problem with the WRCB signal. I have previously contacted Charter several times and they state it is a WRCB problem. It strikes me as odd, since we receive WDEF and WTVC perfectly. Hopefully there were some folks in the Chattanooga area who DID see what a great school we have here in Dade County! I am proud to have my daughter in the senior class and my husband as part of the staff at Dade.

Submitted By: Patricia Stevens LucasSubmitted: 6/21/2009
I am glad it is so easy to access the paper online. Having grown up in Dade County and having family still there it's nice to be able to keep up with what's going on over there. It's also strange to see all the changes but I guess it's for the better.

Submitted By: Matthew CrupiSubmitted: 8/7/2009
As a relative newcomer to the community I just wanted to express what a great area this is for families. I've lived in the Midwest in areas known for friendliness, but nothing I've experienced can compare to Dade County. Thanks for being family friendly... even to newcomers.

Submitted By: TiffanySubmitted: 8/23/2009
I think that Dade County needs to spend some money on something for the youth of this area to do for example a skating rink, bowling ally, something besides sitting in local grocery store parking lots something like this may help in keeping kids form vandalizing property like in the instance of the destroyed mail boxes! I have lived here all of my life and I think it is ridiculous that you have to go to Chattanooga or such place just to be able to participate in the activities I have listed above.I really do believe that having something here for kids to do could help keep them out of trouble because of being bored!Which leads me to the Community center that money could be spent else where to make something for teen kids to do around here.

Submitted By: VictoriaSubmitted: 8/25/2009
i agree with the above statement. If teens had a recreational place to hang out they wouldn't get into as much trouble. they would have something to do without having to drive to chattanooga. keep this in mind.

Submitted By: Lynn M. SchubertSubmitted: 9/14/2009
Dear Editor: In a recent edition of The Dade County (Ga.) Sentinel, the neighboring Marion County of Tennessee gave counties in Georgia some bad advice in urging them to require bank letters of credit (LOCs) instead of surety bonds for subdivision projects. Counties, like other public entities, want to do what is best for their citizens and taxpayers. Georgia counties need to ask what is best for all parties. Not the County or Other Public Entity. One of the primary purposes of the surety bond is to evaluate if a developer has the ability to perform the obligation (i.e. complete the subdivision improvements). This helps prevent defaults. In issuing a performance bond, the surety provides the public agency with an independent third party opinion that it believes the developer will perform as required. The surety’s own assets are on the line if it misjudges the developer. The bank issuing the LOC does not scrutinize the developer for his or her capability to complete the project, but rather only whether the developer can repay the bank if the public entity draws down on the LOC. Similarly, a cash deposit provides no indication of the developer’s qualifications, other than the fact that the developer had cash that now no longer can be used to fund development. In the event of contractor default and draw-down of the LOC, the public agency is left to arrange completion of the contract. In the vast majority of cases, when a bond is provided, the surety will undertake completion of the improvements. Most counties are not staffed or do not have the resources to complete the improvements and with a surety bond can look to the surety to do so. Certainly not the developers. Consider the impact of a cash deposit or LOC requirement on the developers and, therefore, the County. Even in good economic times, most developers would not want to tie up a significant portion of their liquidity just when they need that money to install the improvements. In the current economic climate in which contractors and developers alike are having difficulty maintaining, an LOC is not a viable option. Eliminating the surety bond option at the best of times is a bad idea and right now likely would be disastrous to the ability of Dade County to guarantee the completion of subdivision improvements. Least of all the citizens and taxpayers. Taxpayers pay the costs of public construction and face the problems when there are delays, defaults and defects. Even though many state and local laws may provide developers with the option of providing an LOC or cash to secure subdivision obligations, most public entities and developers opt for surety bonds. Surety bonds are good public policy and have been the vehicle of choice to protect consumers, taxpayers and businesses for more than 100 years in the United States. They should remain an option for Dade County and its developers. Lynn M. Schubert President The Surety & Fidelity Association of America

Submitted By: Tim RiddleSubmitted: 10/20/2009
My name is Tim Riddle and I am running for city Police Commissioner. I was raised in Dade County and graduated North West Georgia High School in 1992. Since graduating High School I have worked very hard at running my own business, managing in two of the largest companies in the country, and being a devoted husband and father. I owned and operated my own trucking company for six years with much success. I managed a distribution center for Park dale yarns in Fort Payne Al. for five years. Park dale was the world’s largest manufacturer of cotton yarn. We supplied all the hosiery mills in the Fort Payne area. The past five years I have been a manager for Pilgrims Pride in Chattanooga Tn. I first managed their Live Haul department and I am currently managing their Truck Shop. On both of these jobs I have had to maintain a cost effective budget that would perform at the highest of efficiencies and maintain a cost level that allows the company to make a profit. I moved to Valley Head Alabama and built a house in 1998 where my wife Christy and I lived for ten years. We have two wonderful daughters Desirae and Tara Riddle. I never got over missing Dade County in the time we lived there. In June of 2009 we made the decision to sell our house and moved to Trenton on McKaig Rd. We have loved every day of being home. The people of this town are so warm and family friendly I consider myself blessed to live in such a town. Now that I am home I would love the opportunity to put my hard work to use for my hometown. I am sure that I could be of great help in preserving the special way of life all of us in Trenton are fortunate enough to enjoy. We live in one of the greatest places in this country. Living in another town has shown me how things could be, and we never want this to happen to Trenton. We need hard work and determination to ensure that our town remains safe and family friendly. With your support I can apply my hard work and knowledge to making sure this happens. Thank you for your support and your vote Tim Riddle

Submitted By: Tim RiddleSubmitted: 10/21/2009
I posted a previous article in wich it was stated that I had moved back to Trenton in 2009. This was a tyrpagraphical error on my part.I moved back to Trenton in June of 2008.Prior to this I had lived in Valley Head Alabama.However I was raised in Dade County and feel very blessed to call Trenton Ga.home.

Submitted By: Joann WestSubmitted: 12/3/2009
I agree that Trenton needs to have something in this town for kids to do. There's nothing. A skate board park, A skating rink, Bowling ally, A place to ride dirt bikes, anything for physical activity. Not an arcade, please.

Submitted By: Submitted: 2/1/2010
On Dec. 28, my husband and I had a horrific car wreck in Trenton. My husband was ejected and critically injured. He spent two weeks at Erlanger Hospital and is still in the hospital in Bristol, TN. Thankfully, he is recovering very well. I wanted to say "thank you" to those who helped us after the accident. Police officer Ted Rumley, who continued to offer assistance and prayers until we left Chattanooga on Jan. 11, the paramedics who took care of my husband and did an awesome job, particulary since he had a broken neck, broken back,broken scapula and had all but three ribs broken. Also, Cherish Waldrop, who stayed with me until the ambulance took me to the hospital and later called to check on us and offer her assistance. All of the paramedics and EMTs, I only know the name of one of them,Alex. Pastor Reece Faucett and his wife who visited me at the hospital and whose kindness, I will never forget. Sonya Daniels who assisted in getting our personnel items from the car and was a constant source of love and strenghth. Also, the many people who stopped and helped to gather our belongings from the scene and put them back in the car. "Thank you", seems such a small way to express our gratitude, but, I pray God's blessings on each and everyone who played a part in helping us. Your community is blessed to have so many "angels" in their midst. Thank you again. Sandra and James Gilliam Kingsport, TN

Submitted By: AprilSubmitted: 2/3/2010
I like the way that the sentinel is set up to be viewed online. My husband is originally from Trenton and I look at it every week to keep up to date on what is happening there for him. Thanks for doing a good job. I really like being able to keep him informed.

Submitted By: Pete Collier - Brisbane, AustraliaSubmitted: 4/15/2010
I spent a short time in Trenton in 2001. It's great to occasionally read "The Sentinel" online. I find the present format easy to navigate and am still able to read all the articles of interest. I know Momma and Gene Davis used to read it back then and would like to send them love and best wishes. Hugs for Tyler. Congratulations to the editorial staff for making a great job of a community newspaper

Submitted By: R.M.Submitted: 7/21/2010
I have always been a supporter of Clyde Barton & usually agreed with most of his decisions regarding matters of the education system in Dade county, but this weeks decision to rehire Swader seems irresponsible. I feel that Ronnie Page said it best. When simply stated the facts..." "They hired him before and he quit a week and half before school started. Then he ran for office, got elected, then quit on the voters of the county." I hope they have candor with Swader than the public knows, otherwise this a vwery foolish decision on Clyde, & Mutt's part, and that would be a big let down to me.

Submitted By: Kristen SmithSubmitted: 7/22/2010
I am not at all surprised that Mr. Swader was hired for the Physical Education position at the high school. I approached Mrs. Priest several months ago, submitted all my information for the position, have my BSED in Health and Physical Education, have taught 4 years of school, coached high school softball, middle school track, middle school softball and recreational coach as well. I applied for the teaching position on, contacted Mrs. Priest and Bradley Warren by phone and by office visit to Mrs. Priest. I am sure you are wondering.....was I called for an interview? Absolutely not! You cannot tell me that PERSUASION OR POLITICS in our county are just and fair. It is amazing how Mr. Swader up and resigned for personal reasons but was immediately hired as a teacher at the DADE County High School! Did he even have an interview? If so, did my qualifications not match or out-weigh Mr. Swader's. You tell me as a citizen of DADE County if this is the way our school system should be ran? I'm surely not at a loss for words but definitely at a loss of respect for who we choose to appoint our staff/faculty in our schools!

Submitted By: Tania Al.Submitted: 9/12/2010
I don't know if anyone cares that in Dade County, specifically around Trenton, there seems to be absolutely NO consideration for pedestrians and/or people in bicycles. I was so excited to get a bicycle so that I could do my grocery and local shopping without having to use the car, this for both my enjoyment and exercise, but the excitement has quickly turned into fear for my life. There is no way for pedestrians and/or bicycles to commute safely around this town ANYWHERE. Crossing 136 is almost a sport of bloody proportions with cars speeding by so fast that you almost feel like you're on 59. H11 is another hazard. There are no bicycle lanes or at least a little bit of blacktop dedicated to bikes. I love this town. Love the people and the feeling I get whenever I go anywhere in it, but wow, this town has no love for people on foot or on alternate means of transportation that do not involve cars or motorcycles. It's very disappointing with the schools so close I'd thought things would be different, sigh. I'm just bummed. Who can you speak about this to? Higher up I mean. How do you move the gears so that matters like this are taken more seriously? With the cost of the gasoline and the dire need for people to get in shape this should have been taken care of a long time ago...

Submitted By: merdith lemmonSubmitted: 9/18/2010
A year ago my niece passed away from an undiagnised heart condition( We have yet to come to terms with her lost when we got the news her brother has a similar condition in which he needs life saving surgery! The insurance company has DENIED him a chance to live. The hospital wants a 30,000 doller deposit to help him. I just want to spread this story as far as I can and maybe find some help.

Submitted By: Jim LoganSubmitted: 12/27/2010
My daughters were coming home on I-59 near the rising Fawn exit. A young male black lab mix was trapped in the median. The girls stopped as did a lady from Mass. The approximately 6 month old wouldn't leave the girls after they retrieved him from the median with the aid of the lady.Dog now called Jack had a collar with no ID. Girls stopped asked if anyone knew owner. Dog is in Cleveland with a local Vet. We are paying for his care. Will place for adoption in 7 days. Help us find owner or way to find owner. No room at the inn but will make certain he is well cared for. Call 423-476-2251.

Submitted By: Evelyn BarkerSubmitted: 4/1/2011
I am looking for my ancestors. My grandfather, James William Monroe Swader, was born in or around Lookout Mountain/Ft. Payne areas around 1888. He left when he was a young man and married my grandmother Ollie Gauntt here in Chambers County, Alabama. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

Submitted By: dennis broylesSubmitted: 4/25/2011
i think Trenton should build a skate park to get kids and teens of the streets and to stop getting arrested and harassed by the cops.We have no where else to skateboard. there are no skateboarding signs everywhere! even at the parks. There are places for baseball players,scoccer players,football players,tennis player.. but yet nothing for skateboarders??? ive made petitions and flyers. but no stores allow them in there stores. im willing to help create blue prints for a fun, and cheap! park for skateboarders.?

Submitted By: Submitted: 5/17/2011
I keep reading comments about Trenton needing things for the kids/teens to do and they are probabaly right. Trenton used to have a skateing rink. It was where the Bi-Lo is now. There where also game rooms but everything kept being closed. I don't really know why but I heard there were to many complaints.

Submitted By: Chip McDanielSubmitted: 6/6/2011
our miniature black Schnauzer has gone missing from the Reeves rd area on Sand mtn.Near Bryant, AL. We are offering a $100 reward for his return. He is black with a red collar & answers to Chico. He has health issues & needs attention. Please contact us at 657-8929 please help spead the word to people in the area we desperately want him back.

Submitted By: Jean ThomureSubmitted: 6/9/2011
We have many freedoms in the USA. But apparently the freedom of choice is one that is in question. We, as a county, chose not to have a drug clinic in Dade. Yet that freedom is being challenged by people who don't care what we want, only what they want, to profit from the addiction of others through the distribution of methadone. How is that going to benefit the residents of Dade County? A private citizen shouldn't be able to force a county to accept a clinic that is clearly not wanted.

Submitted By: Billy GladdenSubmitted: 7/6/2011
It upsets me that a Jail Trustee working at the Transfer Station escaped on July 2 and we didn't hear of it till July 5.

Submitted By: TracySubmitted: 9/28/2011
Loving this on line option, it is nice to use and set quite well. Good job to all who work on it. Keep up the awesome job.

Submitted By: Ronny Goff Submitted: 10/23/2011
I am a Little League football coach as I have been in years past and plan to be for several years to come. I appreciate our community and the support they show us and our future atheletes. Dade County is still the greatest place to raise a family, in large part due to community support. Recently as I arrived at the high school football field early on a Saturday morning to prep the field, I was suprised to notice that there was quite a mess left behind by some folks that I guess I expected better from. As before mentioned I revel in this community for their support of various issues. So you could imagine my surprise as I was overwhelmed to find that the very people that would take time out of their lives to raise money and awareness for something that affects all of our lives in some way would leave this for someone else with the same volunteer spirit to clean up the following morning. I am not in any way demeaning the cause or putting football in front of your cause as that is just rude and impracticle. I just wanted to say that I as well as a few others were disappointed in your effort after your effort.

Submitted By: Gary BohnenbergerSubmitted: 10/25/2011
I have often heard the phase "It takes a village to raise a child". Yesterday I wistness this. My son is an honor student at Dade County Highschool. He was just elected Home Comming King for his class. Yesterday he call me and said he was sick. The school nurse agreed, and I gave him permission to walk home. I am a single parent. On his way home a Dade County Policeman picked him up, as he was walking, and asked him why he wasn't in school. My son told him. The Police Office put him in the back of his car, took him to school and checked his story out. When he found out he was tell the truth, he drove him home. I know my son would never cut class, but this left an impression on him. Dade County cares about their students. Thank you Dade County Police for caring about our children. It's nice to know that a working parents have someone else watching our children. "It takes a Village to Raise a Child"

Submitted By: Wanda LawsonSubmitted: 11/12/2011
I would like to thank the dade county band director Chris Chance and Dade County Band for their performance dedicated to our Vets.I also would like to see our band students reconized more often for there performances ,they work hard at what they do ,just like the foot ball players do as well.I think Dade County should back the band students as they do others,they represent DADEcounty,there performances in other things they do is representing our home town.Please support them. These are good students.I am proud of them.

Submitted By: kennybobSubmitted: 3/15/2012
I see in the March 14, 2012 paper the reporter had to clear up a misunderstanding concerning the county attorney. Perhaps, if the reporter would report and not try to use colorful language to underscore certain points, she would not have to constantly clear up misunderstandings.

Submitted By: Faith Submitted: 3/19/2012
Loving your website.... Hoping to visit soon...Will try to keep updated on everything. Hoping to find everything about people so you might want to expand your website. Hope to see everyone. Love Love Love ~~Faith (moved 5 years ago)

Submitted By: Kevin & Jackie FrookSubmitted: 4/30/2012
My wife & I would like to write a short note to the citizens of Dade County, New Home Community in particular. We came to Dade County around 2000 to visit, and fell in love with the independent spirit of the people and the natural beauty of the mountains and valleys. In 2005 we were fortunate to be able to purchase real estate, so we chose Dade County, New Home Community to be specific. We purchased the land behind the New Home Community Center, which brings me to my reason for this letter. In the April 25 issue of the Dade Sentinel there was a story on the Good Neighbor Series. There was a meeting with the New Home residents. Mr. Pittman addressed the crowd regarding a ball field and/or walking track and said that "the project has been delayed because the owner is taking his time about selling it to the county." My wife & I would like to inform the proud residents of New Home that we have never been contacted by Dade County or anyone else about acquiring some of our property for the community center or the fire department. We feel we have made a great effort to keep our land nice for the benefit of our neighbors (thanks to New Home resident Mike Long) and would like nothing more than to help our neighbors in New Home! We really look forward to visiting soon; our hearts are in Dade County EVERY day! Kevin & Jackie Frook

Submitted By: Tim RiddleSubmitted: 7/20/2012
We have lost our 9 month old Shitzu on McKaig rd. in trenton. She is tan and white and answers to the name of Daisy. I have two daughters who really miss our family pet. Please contact myself 423-421-4862 or my wife 256-630-9828 if you see her. We have a $200.00 reward for anyone who can return her to us. Thanks

Submitted By: Silence DogoodSubmitted: 6/28/2013
BOYCOTT THE TRENTON GAS PROFITEERS! It has become pretty clear to me, that the gas stations in Trenton have formed their own little cabal, and, on average over the last several months, charge twenty cents a gallon above what is being charged in nearly every community near us. On a recent day, I noted the price of gas in Trenton while on a trip to Hixon, TN. In Trenton, a gallon of regular cost between $3.48 and $3.51. On that same day, a gallon of gas in Wildwood was $3.21, in Tiftonia it was $3.24, on Broad Street it was $3.24, and in Hixon it was $3.19. The Trenton gas station owners believe they have us over a barrel, so to speak, due to location. I strongly recommend travelling in any direction of the compass, and purchasing gas for a lot cheaper. In these tough times, every little penny counts, and the gas profiteers in Trenton should be sent a message - "Gas is expensive enough without you ripping us off even more!" BOYCOTT THE TRENTON GAS STATIONS!

Submitted By: Deidra HenrySubmitted: 7/19/2013
I would like to thank the wonderful person behind me at the Bi-lo this past week. I don't know who they are, but Thank You! I accidently left my envelope of money on the stand at the check out & they were kind enough to turn it into the office & I was able to get it back. I am so thankful for your kindness! I am a mother of 4, getting ready to get laid off from my job in another few weeks & that money was very important for my family. We have recently moved to this area from South Florida & have been so happy with our choice of leaving Florida, as it's not the old Florida to us anymore. It's been a very pleasant experiance to live with God fearing people again. Keep it up Trenton! With the economic troubles that we have facing us in this country, it's nice to know that at least we live in a great part of the country. God bless & keep you! Thanks again!

Submitted By: bill lockhartSubmitted: 1/7/2015
due to what ever excuse that applies, fact is that The American Legion Post 106 is spiraling down hill fast....We are in a financial the rate we are travelling the Local Veterans organization will be forced to close their doors within the next couple of that is the cold hard truth...we could try and go beg up the monies to stay open but we are trying to support ourselves with a few programs ...Bingo ( friday and saturday nights) ,Blue Grass nite (every other thursday night ) , gospel singing on Monday nights...also we are offering $1000 dollars of gas on a raffle....but none of these programs will be enough without the community support.....We could have a bar but we are aware how this would effect the county we live in and decided if we are going to be a community out reach that would not go over well. The post has served this County and VETERANS though out the years and i truly believe it would be missed...our Veterans through out the years have not only served our Country but locally also....So I am asking that ya'll please dig a little extra to help ''SAVE OUR POST'' by attending these community friendly events and or donate to our raffle ... donations and can be dropped off at the Post OR Post Cafe'..... ...............................TICKET OUTLETS :............................... j.B. Chevron , Morning Star Dry Cleaners , Red ACE Gas Station , Bottom.Dollar Tool Discount , Handy Man / Cabins and Castle , J's Hole in the Wall Diner (bryant),Post Cafe'.DAY TIME MOMMIE CHILDCARE CENTER (Bryant ) and American Legion Members..

Submitted By: Luis GilSubmitted: 7/9/2015
Has anyone seen the Gentleman down at the flea market with the mobile produce stand. If not you should go check it out. I know he has some delicious produce avaiable. I buy tomatoes from him and they bare delicious especially his home grown tomatoes. Swing by and check him out.he is normally there and always a pleasure to talk with.

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