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By: Ted Camp, Silent Word Ministries


In my early ministry as a local pastor, I often preached on Sunday afternoon at the Sand Mountain Nursing Home in Trenton. I still have memories of those meetings. On Sunday as I arrived I noticed that many would be gathered around the front door. When I entered, I greeted each one and then visited the rooms to invite others to the meeting. It seemed everyone was glad to see me.

We would gather in a large front room for some singing and a short message. Some sat on chairs, but most were in wheelchairs. They especially enjoyed it when the children from our church sang and shook hands with them. When it was over, they all told me that they enjoyed the service.

As I left, they again gathered at the front door. I asked a nurse “Is it this way every Sunday?”

She responded, “It is this way every weekend because each one is looking for, expecting, and hoping that a “certain” someone will visit them today.”

I noticed that when it was not that “certain” someone that they bowed their heads and “sighed” in disappointment. They were glad to see me, but I learned that no one could take the place of that “certain” someone they were expecting.

I was told that daily some would sit, wait, look, and anticipate with expectations that “Perhaps he will come today.”

Finally, as the day ends, they sadly return to their rooms. They lie in bed and then think with expectation, “Maybe tomorrow!”

Let me pause to encourage you who have loved ones in nursing homes that you and your presence is more important to them than anything you have. Don’t forget or neglect them. It could be that you are that “certain” someone they desire to see coming through that open door. You will never regret being “there” for them!

As I had these thoughts I am reminded that as Christians we also should be longing and looking for that “certain” someone who will one day come through an open door in Heaven. “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).

Each day we should look with expectation for His coming, “Perhaps Today!” “After this, I looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice...come up hither.” (Revelation 4:1). “Perhaps Today!”

Then as the day ends, we should think, “Maybe tomorrow!” One day that “certain” Someone will come as He has promised. Are you ready? “Perhaps Today!” Even so Lord, come quickly!

These Are Words of Wisdom.

Ted Camp is director of Silent Word Ministries, a worldwide ministry based in Trenton. E-mail him at

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