Monday, October 5, 2015  
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Tom McMahan

A state government repeatedly slashes billions of dollars from its public schools. A state government allows its transportation system to deteriorate while offering up a convoluted “solution” that its voters firmly reject, only to find there’s no Plan B. Meanwhile, this same state government uses public money to help build new football and baseball stadiums that should be private concerns, to place them in counties whose school systems are bankrupt, in areas where traffic is already horrendous but state leaders insist are adequate to handle any situation, only to watch in dismay as two inches of snow cripple one of the nation’s greatest cities and turn it into the butt of countless jokes.

That state government, my fellow citizens, is our state government.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to restore a sense of trust, balance, and responsibility between the citizens of this state and a government that once worked well, but is now clearly failing its most basic functions.

I will rebuild the trust with our local county governments that our current state representative, John Deffenbaugh, has clearly lost. 

I will work with responsible-minded officials of both parties to restore a balanced state government where the Assembly doesn’t do whatever the governor wishes on the one hand, while generating dozens of unnecessary, extremist bills on the other that have nothing to do with the actual business of a state government.

I will help restore responsible government, one that places the education of its young first, that promotes smaller, local business growth instead of catering exclusively to large corporations, and is more concerned with the needs of all its people than it is in playing the politics of Washington at the expense of losing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding our state desperately needs.

I am running to give the voters of Walker and Dade Counties a different choice. I’m Tom McMahan, a teacher, a veteran, a lifelong resident of this area, and I’m asking to be your next state representative. Thank you.


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